In a world of peaches…

don't ask for apple sauce.

… we’ve got drums and drumsticks and drummer boys.

I think sometimes you can feel the rhythm of everything falling into place.  Maybe it’s just the sound of the rain hitting my window, but I’m sure I can hear the beat of a thousand different things, all waiting for me, slowly, but surely.

What?  An optimistic post? Let’s go!

So, I know in the past I’ve been a bit of a debbie downer, but I guess the end of this term has got the best of me. Don’t get me wrong…the worst isn’t even over yet.  I still have an exam, a quiz, and that twenty page paper to finish (within a week!) But the point is, is that I can see the end! That’s all it takes.

And plus, there’s more good news to be shared: I got the unpaid internship I applied for.  And don’t go thinking it’s just some job in a lab with me cleaning test tubes all day long, no no! It’s actually a pretty swanky gig at UMASS Medical….I’m gonna get to work with some pretty stellar scientist on advanced drug delivery systems! Basically, putting nano particles, vaccines, and gene therapy into pill form. Cool right? And did I mention I will be working in the vicinity of a Nobel Prize laureate? Yep. That’s right.

Now maybe you are wondering how I will get to said job? Well, I got that 2007 Toyota Prius I mentioned before! It’s the nicest shade of green…I’ll be sure to post a picture on facebook sometime. This past weekend I practiced driving for almost seven hours and it’s not over yet! When I get home next week, I’m gonna take intensive classes, get my pre-licensing class thing done, and then KA-POW! Take my test. Hope it all goes smoothly.

Today, I had another job interview…only this time it was for something a little bit different. I’m trying to get a part time job a Shaw’s (a super market, for those who don’t know) to make the moneys to fund my newest and greatest project! (more on this later) I think the interview went pretty well, and I guess the lady interviewing me did, too, so I’m scheduled for a second round of interviewing on Thursday.  I just can’t wait for this to all be over!

So my newest and greatest and fun-est new great project! Hmmm…on second thought, maybe I should just keep it a surprise for now?  Haha….I think I will.

Just thinking about it gets me feeling all excited and happy!

…what we want is what we need.

Do you ever get that “calm before the storm” feeling? Except there is no storm and I’m not particularly calm. I’ve just been feeling like I’m in a bit of a lull recently (is that really the right word??)… There hasn’t exactly been much to post about, but now I think I’ll fill in whoever reads this about my little life.

1. I have rediscovered ebay.  There is something magical about it, but there is also something about it that makes me want to rip out all my hair. It’s a little sad when it’s ten in the morning and you take a quick break from scribbling orgo notes in class to check your phone to see if you’ve been outbid (me 1, ebay 6). But more on that later.

2. On the subject of losing hair: I went short again! Well, my hair isn’t the shortest I’ve had it, but I think I took off like eight inches. Ridiculous.

3. I am finally learning to drive. Yes, tell all your friends, because this New Yorker is defying all logic and all sound reasoning, and learning to drive a car! I never thought I’d see the day, but I guess I’ve been out here in suburbia (a.k.a Worcester) long enough that I need to assimilate.  I’m learning from my dad, which has been swell, but the car I’m learning in….a 1998 land rover discovery….feels like I’m driving a truck. (2007 Toyota Prius, here I come!!)

4. I recently (yesterday) registered for all of my classes for next year… And surprisingly, it went very smoothly.  I’m getting quite a few of my requirements completed, which made me realized that graduation is only two years away. Scary, scary.  I had to do some planning so that my course load was not too heavy in A term, because I’ll be doing my PQP for my IQP in Washington D.C. in B term…I haven’t decided whether or not I’m excited yet, but let’s just say that I am. My D term is a term from hell. Let me just say one thing: 24 hours of class a week.

5. Lovely weather has arrived. I never pass up the chance to discuss the weather. Some people think that talking about the weather is just idle chit chat. I think otherwise!

6. My job hunt is turning up results, but I don’t seem to be getting anywhere. I thought the job market was supposed to be FAB for people in science! The majority of us work really hard, but there is always that handful of over-achievers that gets you down. It’s okay, though, I’m going to stay strong. I’ve applied for approximately 30 summer internships as of this week and have my second interview scheduled for Monday. It’s unpaid, but you gotta start somewhere, right?

7. I am currently doing my inquiry seminar in visual arts at the Worcester Art Museum.  I’m going to write twenty pages about the development of American abstract art. Yipee-kiy-yay!

“All I want is a room somewhere….Far away from the cold night air! With one enormous chair…Oh, wouldn’t it be lovely?”

If only it were that simple!

…we add one for good luck!

So, this past Saturday I turned 20.

Yep, the big TWO-OH. And now that I’ve got two decades under my belt, I can say that I know a lot about a lot of things. Like for example, I know how to change a light bulb and how to write an alkoxymercuration – demercuration reaction mechanism.  I also know that George Harrison was the best Beatle and that everyone starts out female in-utero.  I have a decent list of laboratory skills attached to my resume and can say for sure that life is never easy.

And now that I’m twenty there are some things I need to get better at….smiling properly in photos, eating less ice cream, and finding a job.   The latter, in fact, is the MOST important, as I am quickly approaching that time in my life where everything begins. The way I see it: you are handed your college diploma and suddenly you are forced to spin around in a fantastic whirlwind of sparkles, rainbows, and mist, as you transform into a beautiful butterfl–adult.

Adult. What a strange word. Some people might already consider me to be one (the government)…but when do you know for sure? I feel like I’m going to be a teenager forever (at least in my mind…for now, let’s say that I’m TWENTEEN) Regardless of what I believe, I’m pretty sure in the real world there are no sparkles or rainbows involved (maybe a little mist, though).  So for now, I think I will just sit tight and keep doing what I’m doing.  I can make all the decisions tomorrow. Or the day after that.  But sooner or later….tomorrow and the day after that will be today.

I don’t want to catch up, I want to keep up.

Wish me luck on my summer internship interview on Tuesday. It’s a big one.

…we count to one hundred and then…


Okay, just kidding, but I mean, also not really. As grudges and arguments go, I’m pretty laid back; I can usually only hold a grudge for about a day.  However, recently I have discovered there is a CERTAIN INDIVIDUAL who brings out the worst in me.  Things are getting nasty…it’s good that they’ll be over soon.

I want nothing more than to scream at this person’s ugly fucking small scraggly face, but to keep things civil, I will keep my rantings to the internet.

So here’s the story, Ugly Fuck, you don’t care about or understand the world past a 2cm radius around your own self.  For goodness sake, you talk to yourself all the fucking time! I don’t know if that is your way of coping with your “loneliness” (with a personality (or lack of) like yours, you’ll never get the girl) or an early sign of mental illness, but I’m sick of hearing everything from your thoughts on jersey shore to your grunts and groans in the shower.  You need to search deep down inside yourself and find your true inner Ugly Fuck, and maybe then I’ll respect you as a human being. 

We clearly and concisely let you know that what you did was wrong and that it negatively impacted the others living in the house, but do you give a shit? No, of course you don’t, Ugly Fuck, why would you?  Any problem that you create for others is their problem now, right? That’s pretty sound logic, Ugly Fuck.  While it might be sound logic, it isn’t exactly considerate or helpful,  unless you are trying to alienate your friends.  But that was your plan all along, wasn’t it? We asked you to live with us over others because we wanted to get to know you better, and lucky for us we did…And now we giving you the boot.  A big dirty ass BOOT.

So…that’s all for now… I might add more later the next time I’m feeling angry.  Sorry, if my language offended anyone, but I just needed to express myself.

Phew….so yeah.

…time doesn’t fly, it soars.

Things have been moving very quickly for me…from visiting Ben in Connecticut to starting classes today.  I was contemplating changing my schedule, but it seems that I’m going to stick with my original plan and just deal with the consequences later.  All of my degree requirements for my major and for medical school are just terribly constricting sometimes. I cannot honestly say that I am able to take all the classes that I want to in subjects that I’m interested in.  I can however at least find solace in the fact that I will have a great job someday.

This term I’m taking genetics, organic chemistry II, psychology of gender, and essentials of art.  That last one sounds silly, I know, but I need to fulfill my humanities requirement before next term somehow. My other classes seem to be somewhat demanding (orgo of course will be FUN).  I guess I’m looking forward to what this term has in store for me…but I just can’t help but have this sinking feeling.

Maybe it’s because I keep writing 09 instead of 10.  It’s making my notes look messy.

…another one down.

It seems like time has been passing faster than ever.  I mean, I guess it makes sense, too…as we get older, one day, one week, or even a year become a relatively smaller fractions of time.  It scares and excites me to think that there is still so much ahead of all us in the coming years…I’m positive that it’s going to be great, maybe even something we can’t imagine now.  I’m sure that by the time we’re all slightly wrinklier and more interesting we’ll get the jet packs, flying cars, and robot maids we were promised by the jetsons.

But what was 2009? Was it just another year that slipped away?  Well, let’s see…a picture is worth a thousand words, right? These are worth ten thousand.


eating magnolia bakery cupcakes in a sketchy park


a supermarket excursion on a sunny day


enjoying break in nyc


a walk in the park


dinner out with friends


a visit from a handsome young man


sailing in maine


scotty is the best


bathroom adventures


creepy harlequinn doll people


scotty, making a second appearance


worcester art museum

Thanks everyone for a pretty darn good year.

…we make peach pudding.

I hope everyone had a nice Christmas…mine was alright, but to be honest, I can’t wait until I’m all grown up with a job and all that and can run my very own Christmas. My tree would be decorated with little birds and large glass ornaments and I would hang lots and lots of lights EVERYWHERE.  There’s a house in Forest Hills that hangs giant ornaments in the form of balls of twinkly lights on the trees in their front yard…and it’s probably just the prettiest thing I’ve ever seen.

While writing about Christmas, I thought I’d also write  about figgy pudding. We all have heard about it from that delightful Christmas carol (“we wish you a merry Christmas”), but what is it really? I did a little investigating and found that, indeed, it is what it sounds like…fig pudding.  It dates way back to the 16th century… back when caroling was a way to make a quick buck and not a group of people wearing ridiculous overly festive clothing singing show tunes.  I’ve looked at a couple different sites now (Wikipedia included, of course) and discovered that basically, it is a amorphous mass of mashed up figs and nuts and flour and molasses that can be baked, steamed, boiled, or fried.

So this holiday season, if someone offers you a figgy pudding, be wary! It could just a baked, steamed, boiled, or fried poop.